Smile To Heal Your Body!

Having fun with your decor will make being at home energizing and happy…pick fabrics that aren’t too serious…don’t be afraid to mix things up…surround yourself with the things you love…make a bold statement…remember for every minute there is a smile on your face there is a healing in your body that can last for hours! […]

Cupid Declares!

Saint Valentine is a widely recognized Roman Saint commemerated on February 14th and associated in the High Middle Ages with a tradition of courtly love…The only thing reliably known of St. Valentine is his name and the fact he died on February 14th on Via Flaminia in North Rome…red roses just happen to be the […]

The She Room!

The She room is the space in your home where you go to escape…it is the exact opposite of the “man cave.” It can be as simple as a corner designated to everything pretty…or it can be a room you call your own…it can be filled with Jimmy Choo shoes or Jan Showers home decor…the […]


The life of a Muskoka florist


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