A Lesson In Dressing Your Table!

A Lesson In Dressing Your Table!

Don’t just set your table, DRESS your table…sometimes hiding those legs in a full length formal gown is just the right thing to do…let your table own that dress…whether silk, linen, or a funky fibre mix…covering your table can bring new life to your space…add a formality to your room…or hide a not so pretty secret…dressing your table is no different than dressing yourself…adding layers creates interest, texture and bling…don’t be afraid to change up the seating…after all, boyfriends come and boyfriends go…remember the centerpiece, every beautiful lady deserves a bouquet of fresh flowers…so have a change of clothes for your dining room…after all, this pretty lady deserves the best… mmm, a walk in closet for your dining table…now there’s an idea!


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