The Parlour Is The Life Of The Party!

The Parlour Is The Life Of The Party!

The parlour is a name used for a variety of different reception rooms…it is a room set aside for the reception of guests and other visitors…in the English speaking world of the 18th and 19th century, achievement of a parlour room was a marker of social status…evidence that you had risen above the majority who lived in one or two rooms…it was the best room in the home…it displayed the family’s best furnishings, works of art and other status symbols…in the 20th century the increasing casualness of society led to the decline of formal reception rooms…today the term parlour continues to have an afterlife…the beauty parlour, ice cream parlour, pizza parlour, wine parlour and spaghetti parlour…though in todays home a parlour is not commonly referred to…entertaining is high on people’s list…and what ever room seems to be the life of the party…would qualify as the parlour of yesterday’s time!


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