The Living Drapery!

69afbeabfc770414a88ee0c94820eaa5Every element of great Interior Design applies to your garden and your outdoor design…whether form, function, scale or proportion…great design in your exterior should incorporate the basic fundamentals of design school…as a home’s interior must function flawlessly for a family to live cohesively, capitalizing on your exterior real estate from a design perspective can produce increased living capacity while realizing the benefits of outdoor space…when choosing a professional to design your outdoor living space…consider hiring an Interior Decorator with experience in designing outdoor living spaces…most landscapers do exactly that…they landscape the land…but a Decorator/Designer will look at your exterior through different eyes…and you will end up with an exterior living space…with outdoor rooms, furnishings, living draperies, multi function lighting, fabulous flooring and ultimately…rooms of distinction.


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