Head shots   For everyone who loves beauty; the pictorials used are to the credit of decorators all the world over.  Flirting with Hollywood glam, vintage inspiration, English cottage relaxation and transitional modernism encompasses my passion.  Charmingly, I believe the past must be respected and the future embraced.  Whimsy speaks to us and warms the heart…always remember to smile!  Dressy and classy :: live glamorously, once you’ve tried it, there’s no turning back!  Modern Style :: characteristic of current time, always embrace the vogue of recent period. Begin with the things you love…magic can happen when we arrange, create and enjoy.  Ming :: Let it rule your dynasty. Bring the indoors out, why shouldn’t your garden be just as glamorous and beautiful as your house?  Fancy the things you acquire, you’ll find them pretty and emotionally satisfying for many years down the road.  Glamour :: a formulated combination of shimmer and charisma, it can be elusive but you know it when you see it!  Drama isn’t just something that plays out…let your home read like a stage.  Chic is timeless and creates mystique with attitude. Intense takes courage and conviction but when you do it the reward is passion, personality and flair! Our interiors are an extension of our energies, the auras of our existence, they encompass our being and surround us with all we Love. 


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